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Reapers, The - Rip it up LP weisses Vinyl

Reapers, The - Rip it up LP weisses Vinyl
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Reapers, The - Rip it up LP weisses Vinyl
Here come The Reapers! A brand new Dutch outfit that are about to rip it up internationally with their smashing, hard-hitting debut for Rebellion Records! Featuring thirteen songs and an intro, "Rip It Up" could best be described as an heavy-weighted, beefed up take on that classic sound of The Templars, early Perkele and The Veros! You know what that means, right? Clean guitars, brute vocals, powerful sing-alongs, catchy riffs and a boot in the face! Though these veterans aren't afraid to throw in some Rose Tattoo influences as well, making a track like "Sirens Of Sorrow" sound like it could easily be on the next The Corps, these lads deliver some proper skinhead rock fans of other Rebellion Records' releases by Last Crusade, Thankless Graft and No Heart will love! Vinyl limitiert auf 350 Stk. In Weiss mit Downloadcard. CD limitiert auf 500 Stk.


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